Will the next generation of mobile devices be invisible?

As we enter the Christmas season, it is time that we functional cyborgs (which is what many of us have become) think hard about the devices that we will be using in the coming year. Personally, I am not one who changes out their mobile hardware every year, but with 5G technology peeking around the corner, I will probably be moving to a new 5G device. With that said though, I am wondering how much longer we will be carrying these little slabs of silicon around with us. Earlier this there there was an article in Semiconductor Digest arguing that the next generation of mobile devices will be integrated with our bodies so closely as to be invisible. Although I am not sure when this advance will actually occur, it is very interesting to see what people are thinking... https://www.semiconductor-digest.com/2020/02/03/next-generation-of-mobile-devices-will-be-invisible/.

I just love the whole idea of augmented reality contact lenses! Of course, we all recognize that the market will drive adoption of these kinds of technology. According to the article, the Mojo lens (seen below) represents the world's densest micro display to layer digital images and information seamlessly. Even though this claim may be up for some debate in some quarters, it is clear that many companies are envisioning new and better ways to support our ever growing demands for information. The challenge of course is figuring out how to get power to these new interfaces. Even though I cannot currently see how this will be done, I do have faith that this problem will eventually be cracked by human ingenuity. I am just not sure that it will happen in the next generation of devices.

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